Product demo skills breed start-up success

I just want to take this time to reflect on the awesomeness of some the greatest speakers I have personally worked with. People Power Company‘s offerings will change the way people manage their energy at home.

We keep hearing that building products that customers will love drives success. But what about speaking abilities? Steve Jobs is one of the greatest. It is hard to quantify how much impact his speaking abilities have had on Apple’s success.

With a single finger tap on your cell phone screen, you will be able to turn your TV on or off, and even your lights and thermostat. All of this with the goal of reducing carbon emissions, save some money and have fun. David Moss, co-founder of People Power, inspires us all in this video:

David Moss masters the art of the demo. This is a key skill that any entrepreneur must master. In this case, David shows the product with extreme ease and engages the audience. I’ve watched the video several times already, showed it to my friends, and a “wow, this is so cool” always comes out. I feel like buying the product right away every time.

Gene Wang has been a mentor for all of us. Just search his name in youtube and you’ll see what I mean. He’s amazing at inspiring a vision that drives a whole community forward. A vision that has a purpose and that fulfills the goal of the company. This video is an excellent example of this:

Gene makes public speaking a company culture. I believe this makes a big difference in driving success. As a result, everyone is on his game when talking to potential customers and partners. And this drives tremendous value.

Now, David Glover mastering a product description:

I hope this post will inspire to practice and improve your speaking abilities. I believe that each one of us can improve tremendously if you put your heart into it. Just find ways to practice and make it fun!

See ya next time!

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  1. Gene

    Thanks Yvan! Steve Jobs was one of the greatest. I remember spending 3 hours with him once (when he was at Next) being sucked in to his reality distortion field. He was an inspiration to us all that passion and vision can put a dent in the universe.

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